prima provare poi credere...
first try then believe...


Who is thrown from a skyscraper.

Who descends into the depths' of the ocean.

Who runs mile walk in the desert.

Who is sitting daydreaming.

Who listens to music lying in the sun.

we all have a way of escape from the routine of life and all attempts are ok.

I design ports to other ports in the middle, between the mountains, buildings, houses, structures illogical in the real world, but true in my mind.

and the way I like yours and that of many others to find .................the EXIT.[

EXIT ... out ... change .. sometimes there seems to be no choice.
everything seems convoluted, confusing, impenetrable, alien, I suspect. But if you are looking for in the midst of chaos and 'can find a way out, a passage, a tunnel .... ... an escape.. salvation ....EXIT